Truth Theory Podcast #13: Joe Martino: The Awakening Of Consciousness & The Attack On Alternative Media

Joe Martino Collective Evolution
By Mike Sygula / Truth Theory 

My guest on this episode of Truth Theory Podcast is Joe Martino who is the founder of Collective Evolution

Collective Evolution is one of the biggest independent, alternative media brands out there. 

We talked about anything from the Mayan calendar and shift in consciousness to Neuralink (brain-computer interface company by Elon Musk). Online censorship and how big tech is crushing alternative media. 

Joe shared his views on The Great Reset campaign from The World Economic Forum and potential economic collapse. 

How society is conditioned through media, education, science, why the topic of UFOs is ridiculed despite all the evidence. How science is not something fixed as it has been constantly evolving based on the current tools and understandings. And how we “police or regulate” each other in society, by dismissing some of these topics. 

This interview was filmed in late October 2020.

Please check out Collective Evolution on all social media platforms and their website as well. 

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