Trump Says He Will Seek The Death Penalty For Opiate Dealers


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Will this include pharmaceutical companies?

Donald Trump has made an announcement that he will be seeking the death penalty for drug dealers selling opiates.

Trump’s new proposal reported by Reuters, says: Trump will share his plan in detail – which will have stronger penalties for dealers, lower the amount of opioid prescriptions by 1 third, and further drug education and treatment.  

The plan has said it will go after criminally negligent doctors and oppioide producers who break the law. Earlier this month Trump praised the “zero tolerance policy” in Singapore, who use death by hanging to those who get caught in possession of drugs.   

This is an extreme measure by Trump, but also has the interesting dichotomy that pharmaceutical company representatives could face legal actions for their negligence.

It is unclear if representatives in the pharmaceutical industry are included in those who will get the death penalty, but we will keep you updated on any progress.

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