Train Passenger Uses Twitter To Free 26 Indian Girls From Human Traffickers

imBy Amanda Froelich,

When Adarsh Shrivastava boarded a train traveling through Uttar Pradesh last week, he had no idea he’d play a key role in helping to liberate 26 girls who were victims of human trafficking. But, exactly this occurred.

Shortly after taking his seat, Shrivastava observed that the car was filled with girls between the ages of 10 and 14. He also noticed that many were visibly distressed; some of the younger girls were crying.

The Good Samaritan sensed that something was afoot, so he pulled out his phone, created a new Twitter account and sent several messages to the law enforcement authorities. Shrivastava explained his observations and this theory that the girls were victims of human trafficking. He included his cabin and train number.

Approximately 30 minutes, the Ministry of Railways Twitter account responded to the message. After a few stops, police officers boarded the train and arrested the two men who were in the process of transporting the girls for a human trafficking scheme. “Their parents have been informed and the men have been taken into custody,” said the Railway Protection Force in a statement.

Social media users are calling Shrivastava a hero. Some people are even urging the Prime Minister of India to honor the quick-thinking man. But, Shrivastava isn’t interested in being praised. He said, “Thanks, but as a citizen of India, it’s our responsibility to help people.”

Shrivastava was technically in the right place and in the right time, yes. But, he chose to say something, risking the possibility of his theory being wrong. Had the Indian resident stayed silent, who knows what the fate of the young women might be. Through his example, may we all learn to speak up — even if we’re unsure if our suspicions are valid.

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