Top Private School To Teach Students Eco-Friendly Living, Foraging And Farming

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Hampshire based top private school Bedales has developed alternatives for common A-level programs which would ensure that students passing out of this campus have a solid footing when it comes to survival. This school, which has Daniel Day-Lewis and Lily Allen as its alumni is offering a course on foraging, farming, and practicing sustainable development. They have already accredited the course so that it has some value in the world.

The top private school’s course has a duration of 2 years and is titled ‘Living With the Land’. Here students are taught how to combine traditional practices with modern-day practices of ecological and sustainable development.

In a draft sent to inews, the school mentioned that the main points of focus would be traditional building, cooking and craft skills with aspects of ecology, sustainability, and community.

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The primary focus behind this top private school’s program is to make students self-sufficient in a world that is changing for the worse. A world where courses of literature and history might not be as important as searching for the next meal. The course taught by this school will mostly focus on stripping everything back to its primordial state and working from that point onwards.

The three modules entitled shelter, food, and craft have their own modes of teaching. The shelter module would ensure that children know how to build sustainable houses made of items they find in their journeys. It expects students to have the quick thinking needed to make a construction out of anything that they find before them.

The module on food would focus on cooking items that would sustain the body through harsh winters. The food produced would also be profitable for the body at large, and not involve anything fancy or high-end.

The module on craft will teach kids the importance of learning skills like weaving, being a blacksmith, animal husbandry, and other such life skills that tend to be useful when in the wild.

The courses taught by this top private school would also end with a certificate where students will be awarded either Mastery in the field, or the levels of Apprentice, Artisan, or a failure.

The head of this school, Magnus Basharaat has declared that this would be the school’s support towards extinction rebellion, where survival matters at all costs. His creation’s biggest motive would be to ensure that no one starves on this planet while maintaining the ecological stability of Earth.

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Bedales has already formed a reputation of its own wherein they offer alternative courses to GCSEs. But this is their first time dabbling in the A-levels.

The accreditation process would start as the sixth form extension to Outdoor Work BAC. Ofqual, the exam regulator needed to verify the quality of this course before it could be passed onto other schools for teaching. But this isn’t the first such initiative taken up by schools all around the world. Some of them have already expressed an interest in the field of outdoor studies. 

Interestingly, the exam board of OCR has already planned a GCSE in Natural History which might further promote the ideologies of this top private school.

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