To Reduce Plastic Waste Bars In Italy Are Switching To Pasta Straws


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Italy has been the inventor of many things, one of them being sunglasses. But in the current world, where the plastic menace is eating up the planet, newer inventions should be more on the sustainable side. Well, Italy is adding another interesting invention to its roster. Since the world is facing environmental troubles, Italy has gone for developing ‘pasta straws’.

Yep, it’s true. Reddit user u/GranFabio uploaded a photo to demonstrate the initiatives taken by a few Italian bars. The pasta straw idea as a replacement for plastic straws became a hit on the internet. Though the bars should work on replacing plastic cups too.

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pasta straws reduce plastic waste italy bars 1 5d9c4ea16c0c7 700Credit: GranFabio

A company, Stroodles, sells these pasta straws already. According to the company, these pasta straws can survive for about an hour. They are tasteless but the best part is that they can be kept on a compost heap for fast decomposition. The company wants to make a major impact on the people and talk about sustainability and the environment. Pasta straws are the way they want to go about it. They consider themselves as an educational company trying to fight plastic pollution. Of course, they don’t want to go down the preachy route. They want to keep it all fun. Hence, they often encounter funny questions like: Why is there a pasta straw in my drink?

pasta straws reduce plastic waste italy bars 2 5d9c4ea34faf3 700Credits: stroodles

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Pasta straws can be reused in multiple drinks though Stroodles does not recommend using it with hot drinks. You can burn yourself with it. It can be used as a stirrer though. And since pasta straws bend after a while, children love having hot chocolate with pasta straws.

No doubt, it’s a great initiative. Maybe like sunglasses, pasta straws can rule the food world in the near future.

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Credits: stroodles

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