To Prove Face Masks Can’t Suffocate You This Guy Smoked A Cigar Then Ran 1 Kilometer Wearing 10 Face Masks

Man Running With Face Masks

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

2020 has seen a lot of downs, mostly the coronavirus pandemic. Now, most governments and health professionals are advising people to wear face masks whenever they go out. But, it seems that some individuals have this notion that wearing a mask might suffocate them. Well, that’s completely impossible, unless you have some existing chest issues, which make breathing a problem for you.


Armed with logic, science, and a Black and Mild cigarette, Youtuber Chikichu went on to show how putting even 10 face masks on someone’s face cannot be an impediment. And to make things interesting, he decided to run a kilometer while wearing those masks on his face.

Face Masks Not A Health Hazard, Proves YouTuber

Although he had said that he would be wearing 50 masks, ten masks were enough for him to experience his ears being ripped off from his face. Regardless, the plan remained the same- a kilometer with 10 face masks on.

Interestingly, he also decided to take his shirt off simply to show everyone that he was an average Joe, and not some muscle-bound athlete preparing for the X Games. His motto was simple- if he could do it, anyone could. Also, Chikichu was not a smoker- so him smoking before running was supposed to put him at the worst of his physical faculties. He simply wanted to show that he could be in the most devastating of states, and face masks would still not suffocate him.

After putting 10 face masks on his face, Chikichu felt quite at ease, with no trouble in breathing, talking, or even moving from one place to the other. Rather, the only issue was the masks drawing on his ears. Although there would be a lot of skeptics brushing this off because he ran a kilometer instead of a mile- there are certain things that need to be mentioned. First, the weather was at a scorching 102 F. Second, he had just smoked a cigar, of all things. And finally, he had one hand behind his ear at all times to prevent the masks from falling out. Considering all the things combined, it looks like he did a pretty good job.

YouTuber Revealed He Is Astmathic 

While people all over the world have been talking smack about how face masks are quite hazardous to one’s existence. Some say that it cuts off all oxygen supply. Meanwhile, here is a skinny dude who ran a kilometer without feeling the least bit of pressure on his chest or his respiratory system. And as a late twist in this, he also mentioned he was asthmatic, something that should have created a problem if there was any.


Not wearing a face mask is not only dangerous for you but even for people around you. Let’s cut to the chase- if you don’t wear a mask, your chances of contracting coronavirus increases by 75%.

Forget about other people; think about yourself. And as Chikichu says- act your age.

Image Credit: Chikichu

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