To Inspire Students The Teachers At This School Paints Uplifting Art On The Bathroom Stalls

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Warren Middle School Forney ISD, Texas saw a lot of action during the summer vacations. The staff and teachers were busy trying to bring about a good change for the vacationing students.

Instead of relaxing during the holidays, the educators took some inspiration from various social media. They decided to paint the school bathroom stalls with positive messages, turning them into a space filled with positivity and joy.

Kristy Mach, the Assistant Principal of Warren Middle School, laments that most students have complaints about someone else’s life being better than theirs. These messages on the wall are simply to combat those. 

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The new Principal of the school, Joshua Garcia, believes that these messages on the wall would be important in trying to inculcate positivity amongst the youth. And also make this space very important to their lives. He went on to say that he would like to see this school be one where students and teachers would love to come. 

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The administration hopes that these messages might actually help in uplifting middle schoolers who are somewhat feeling low, or lonely. Mach believes that since Middle school can be a rough period for most people, swinging between ‘What will happen?’, and ‘Why did I do it?’, these messages might actually bring out the drive in students to want to study in the school because they want to be there. 

 And they have already started getting the results off it.

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Mary Moore Elementary was the first school to utilize this technique to bring forward positivity amongst students, as the parents helped the teachers paint the walls. The Principal of Mary Moore Elementary, Principal Jones is elated that other institutions have taken up the practice.

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