To Help A Senior Shopper This 17-Year-Old Grocery Store Cashier Paid His $173 Bill

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The current situation worldwide has created many problems for all the people under lockdown. It is worse for the seniors who stay alone and don’t have anyone to rely upon. Layne McKeel is one such senior who had to go out for grocery shopping. But little did he imagine the grocery store cashier would pay his $173 bill!

After being home for the better part of the last few weeks, Mr. McKeel recently received his disability check and decided to buy some groceries. This Georgetown resident went to his nearest Fresh n’ Low supermarket for his essentials. 

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When Mr. McKeel went for billing, the grocery store cashier ringed him up for a bill totaling $173. The old man was shy of $33 and was about to return some of his food and other supplies. But the young grocery store cashier stepped in and offered to pay for his bill. Not just the $33 he was short of, Elizabeth Taylor, the cashier, insisted on paying the entire amount for Mr. McKeel. 

In an interview with WRCB, Taylor recalled how she did not have the heart to take back the essential items from the old man. She went on to mention how many such elderly people are often out in this situation, looking for essentials. But due to the panic buying frenzy of some people, most stores have run out of items. So, the grocery store cashier felt this was one way to help, even if it is just one man. 

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For that one old man, it meant the world to see such kindness from a stranger. That too from such a young stranger. He was very touched by this gesture and called Taylor an “angel” and “the light of the day”.

And we agree with Mr. McKeel! In such dark times, when people are being selfish like never before, this young grocery store cashier surely seems to be a ray of hope.

Image Credit: WRCB

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