To Donate His Kidney And Save His Little Sisters Life This Big Brother Lost 175 Pounds

jonathan coronado before and after

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

What do you do when you realize that you have what it takes to save your family? Go for it? Well, what do you do when you hear that you might not actually be able to, due to a complication? Jonathan Coronado faced the same dilemma. 

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He was all ready to give his kidney to his teenage sister, only to realize that he was heavily overweight. He weighed around 365 pounds, which wasn’t at all suitable for an organ donor.

After he kept watching his sister Denise getting dialysis for more than 3 years, he finally got the motivation to do something about his weight. Not to say that he didn’t care much about how he looked- he absolutely refused to look into the mirror. He spoke to TODAY about how he got mad at his wife for uploading a picture of their wedding.

His journey towards transformation is inspiring- he started slow, observing carefully what he consumed, and slowly start eliminating carbs from his diet. This involved bread, sugar, soda, etc. This gave him the extra zeal to workout more and more. He started lifting heavier, which led to a faster decrease in his weight.

6 months into it, Jonathan decreased around 100 pounds, going beyond his original goal. Realizing he could do much more than what he had already achieved, he decided to go a step further, and take stringent measures for everything. He started lifting more, and intake lesser and lesser calories, finally losing another 60 pounds. 

Yet, he still was overweight. Finally, he brought it down to 195 pounds and donated his kidney to save his sister’s life. 

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He donated in September 2018, and while his surgery was relatively quick, his sister’s took some more time. But, that’s all in the past now for Denise got a scholarship recently after cruising through a test. She is also a very happy person now, according to Jonathan, who finds her going out with friends- something she never did before. 

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But, he is mostly proud of himself- of what he could do, not just giving Denise a happy and safe life, but also losing a respectable amount of weight. He believes that all it takes for one to start losing weight is the want, the zeal to actually go through with it.

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