It’s About Time Humanity Had A Grown Up Conversation About Sexuality

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By Inka Linda

I think it is about time we acknowledge that humanity needs to talk about sex.

Few words trigger the human mind as much as sex; our collective consciousness has been confronted with it from all angles- with the manic proliferation of the Internet, television, and advertising.

Most of us are aware of how sex is aggressively and excessively used to sell us ideas and merchandise that we don’t actually need. The other day I was casually observing how sex is used to associate with the sale of burgers, perfume and to my own surprise, even funeral planning insurance.

With the rising headlines of pedophilia in Hollywood and evidence of a spiritual epidemic of rape culture with the #MeToo campaign, avoiding talking about sexual energy is no longer an option.

I want to talk about sex because of one simple fact: we deserve to remember the power of our sexual energy in service to the evolution of humanity, and we deserve to remember the power of our sexual energy in service to the healing of our planet.

For many of us, our introduction to our sexual energy was awkward as hell and reductionist; textbooks and class presentations on different pregnancy prevention methods and clinical diagrams do little to truly capture the cosmic complexity and beauty of what sexual energy truly is. In fact reducing it to biological terms is only a tiny part of the picture behind our sexual nature; yet because of the widespread stigma associated with sex, many people sadly grow into their adult lives still not knowing the different parts of their biology. This often leads to people carrying energetic blockages in their bodies from embedded shame.

Most teenagers seem to be initiated into their sexual understanding through cautionary conversations with their parents about the risks of pregnancy and STI’s or when they’re exposed the hypersexualized hook-up culture associated with partying and substance consumption. Many people sadly all around the world from all backgrounds are first exposed to sexual understandings through rape, abuse, and harassment. This is exacerbated with the sweeping culture of Hardcore pornography, which primarily dehumanizes our understandings of intimacy as penetration. Pornography has become the de facto sex education for many young people at the cost of frying our brains, because yes, porn damage is an actual social and neurological ailment.

Sexual energy is creation energy; from sex we birth life, passion and creativity. Sexual energy is all around us as part of the dance of life, from plants to other animals and more, but our conditioning limits our ability to use this powerful gift to the best of our capabilities. Its rare to grow up understanding how our sexual energy and our creativity are connected when for generations, our freedom to learn about it outside of religious and cultural doctrines has been oppressed.

We need to raise the vibration of how we talk about sexual energy- if not for ourselves but for the future generations who deserve to know more than to be met with silence, shaming or secrecy. Sex is a powerful and beautiful phenomenon that we deserve to celebrate as part of our human experience.

The problem with remaining silent is the alarming rate that with younger and younger children having access to the Internet (remember, there is literally a whole new generation of children growing up on iPads), exposure to sex from an earlier age in the Internet world is inevitable- regardless of the security measures you put in place. Its unnerving to say the least.

But as with everything else in this journey of human ascension, this offers us an opportunity to raise our consciousness. We are sexual in nature as divine beings, so there is no need to keep self-limiting ourselves through our own ignorance.

We are more than consumers of stimulation. We are first and foremost divine creators.

Its up to us to help define how we relate to our own sexual energy and reframe the paradigm from a place of unconditional love and understanding. Its up to us to stop the vicious cycle of sexual trauma as a result of normalized sexual repression, ignorance and disconnection from our highest selves.

When we truly understand the gift of our sexual nature as human beings, we see how it’s to be celebrated not kept as a dirty secret. Sexual energy is incredible. Why do we even associate it even with the word “dirty”? Creativity and sexuality are not dirty but joint expressions of the Universe channelling through us.

How is that not a gift?

According to Mateo Sol from lonerwolf.comSexual transformation or sexual transmutation is how we harness our sexual energy and thoughts from beyond just a physical expression to another level, like purposeful creativity. Sexuality is part of who we are and we deserve to know how to intuitively harness it as part of our power as infinite beings of creative potential.”

And for young people especially who are here to inherit and build in the New Earth, how we heal our relationship with our sexual and creation energies will directly affect how they can build a loving relationship their own. Sexual empowerment is not just about choice of who we have sex with and how; it’s about holistically being aware of the possibilities of our sexual energy. We can only begin that if we open our hearts and minds to how powerful the potential of our sexual energy is.

It is so much more than the fear-based teachings of pregnancy, STI’s, and coitus.

Sex is part of the dance of life.

So how do we channel our creativity through our sexuality? Hardcore pornography reduces our ideas about sexual energetic exchange between people as release and domination; quick releases of orgasms actually deplete our sexual energy over time, particularly for men as sperm is their energetic life force (or as the Taoists call it Chi). But the beauty of sexual energy is that it can actually be used meditatively to build upon tension inside ourselves. We can use this tension for an idea we want to channel or create.

In other words, on the other side of sexual tension is actually creation power- the power to channel ideas into reality.

Let that sink in.

Many songs in the mainstream pop music industry target teenagers and young adults; this is no coincidence. Teenagers enter a new phase of life where they experience the intensity of having libidos and where their sex drive spikes often. So if all they’re being exposed to are songs about the pursuit sex, lust, or finding validation through sexual status, their creative potential through their sex drive is actually being harvested for profit. That applies to us adults too.

Let that sink in as well!

For our own healing and the generations to come, we can literally re-write what our future will look like if we decide to relearn about ourselves and our sexual power. The basis of our future depends on a new wave of fresh ideas, creations and inventions. Healing our understanding of our sexual energy as an expression of our creativity will set the standard of this new chapter for humanity.

This is why it is time humanity talks about sex.

Imagine you are sitting in front of your confused teenage self. Look into your eyes and say the following words:

“Welcome to a new chapter in your life where you can harness the power of your sexual energy to create; you can create human life, ideas, and entire futures.

There is no limitation to what good you can bring into the world when you choose wisely to channel this energy from the truest power of all: unconditional love.
The choice is yours.”

I’m Inka Linda-I’m an intuitive guide, a multi-dimensional artist, community developer and workshop facilitator. Having grown up all over the world as a Third Culture Kid living in Namibia, Finland, Zambia, The Philippines, Canada and the UK, I’m deeply fascinated and in love with the magic of what it means to be human. I’m also co-founder of the creative communities The Goddess League and Restless Future. I’m excited to unify and birth new paradigms for the New Earth during this historic shift in consciousness.

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