This Wisconsin Family Saved A Baby Bear With A Plastic Cheese Ball Container Stuck On Its Head


By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

A Wisconsin family got more than they bargained for on what was supposed to be a tranquil fishing excursion out on Marsh-Miller Lake when they ended up having to rescue a bear which had a plastic cheese ball container stuck on its head.

Tricia and Brian Hurt and their son Brady were out fishing on Sunday when they encountered the small black bear floundering in the water.

It later transpired, on their return to the resort bar, that the little bear had actually been running around for three to four days with the tub stuck on its head.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources had been called in to deal with the issue. But they had been unable to track down the bear in the rural, densely wooded region.

“It felt good to help the bear”

It therefore appears that if the Hurt family had not acted when they did, the bear may not have survived too much longer as it would not have been able to eat or drink properly.


“We knew that if we didn’t do something, we are pretty sure it would not have made it to shore,” Tricia Hurt told CNN. “It was really huffing and puffing, my husband said.

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“We were so excited! We did our good deed for the day. We will never ever do this again, and it felt good to help the poor bear. You don’t like to see animals struggle,” Mrs Hurt added.

It took several adrenaline filled minutes for the family to be able to move into the right position to assist the bear, before finally Mr Hurt was able to lean over the boat and pull the tub off.

“We saved our little bear, swim happy,” Mrs Hurt says as the bear swims off into the sunset.


Happily, she later added that the animal had made it safely to the shore.

“Never dreamt we would ever do this in our life time. Out on Marshmiller Lake yesterday with Brian Hurt and Brady Hurt when we spotted this poor bear. He made it to shore after all that,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

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Image credits: Screenshot from Tricia Hurt video 

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