This Video Shows The Incredible Transformation From A Larva To A Bee

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Have you ever wondered how a larva transforms into a glorious bee? The tiny busy creatures are incredibly intelligent and organized creatures. The process of them transforming into fully functional creatures is just as interesting. Brace yourself because we have got the perfect video to show an incredible bee transformation! 

First, the queen bee lays several eggs in the hive. After this, it is taken care of by worker bees. There are three different kinds of eggs, each producing either drones, workers, or queens. The social life of the beehive functions like a monarchy. It’s unbelievable how disciplined these creatures are. However, that’s for another time. We are talking about the incredible bee transformation here!


Once the eggs hatch into larvae, they are fed by the nurse/worker bees. All the larvae are given a liquid substance. But the larvae with the potential to become a queen are fed special royal jelly. This helps them grow in size, which makes them capable of ruling a hive. A beehive can consist of ten of thousands of individual bees. 

Time-Lapse Bee Transformation Video Shows The Different Stages Of A Growing Bee

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Slowly, over several days, the larva begins to take the form of a bee. In this awesome video, you can see the details of the larva shaping into a bee. The legs and the head are the first things that start to shape. At this point, the larva has come to the next stage of its life, which is a pupa. This is the stage right before they turn into working bees. One could say, this is the one last chance these bees get at resting before becoming a busy bee. 

Their life is filled with hard work. And that hard work is extremely important to us. Did you know that at least one-third of all the crops we consume is dependent on bees? As the top pollinators, they are imperative to the functioning of our fragile ecosystem. Their hard work allows millions of diverse species to coexist in this world of ours. 

And the fact that they are so important hasn’t gone unnoticed. A suburb in Costa Rica has given bees and other local flora and fauna citizenship. The Sweet City authorities did this to mark the importance of these creatures. 

In this incredible time-lapse video, you can see the tissues developing in the pupa. Their eye pigments slowly emerge. And this is an important part of their body that they rely on a lot. A little known fact is that a bee has hair on its eyes. The hair helps them detect the speed and navigate the direction of the wind. 


The final process before the full bee transformation is where the pupa’s outer layer peels off. Right after that, they start growing hair all over their bodies. And the bee transformation is done!

Pollinators Given Citizenship In A Suburb In Costa Rica

Although the transformation period for the three types of bees can differ. The queen bee comes out of the capping first, then workers, then the drones. It can take around 24 days for a bee transformation to take place after the egg is laid. 

After the transformation is over, one by one, they start coming out of their holes and get to work. 

Image Credit:  Christoph Lischetzki

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