This Video Reveals How Hot Dogs Are Mass Produced And It Is Gross


By Luke Miller / Truth Theory

According to a survey, in the USA alone people purchase around 350 million pounds of hot dogs, which equates to nearly 9 billion hot dogs. This is a moderate estimate and it is thought that the number could possibly be a lot higher and could probably be closer to 20 billion hot dogs a year! Which works out to over 3 for every person on the planet.

This may all seem pretty harmless but when you take into account what goes into a hotdog and some of the controversy around hot dogs, it starts to look a little different. A study from Clear Labs found issues with 14.4 percent of Hot Dogs from samples of 75 brands and 10 retailers with some of the worse offenders containing human DNA such as hair and fingernails.

Multiple studies have also determined that regular consumption of hot dogs can increase the likelihood of childhood cancer due to the fact that most hot dogs contain preservatives called nitrites. They are also high in saturated fats, processed salts and MSG’s which all come with a wide range of health issues.

This video is not particularly bias in any way, it simply shows the process of how they are made, but I am sure you will agree after watching this that eating hot dogs is certainly not going to do your health or the environment any favors.

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