This Utah Based Toddler Became Best Friends With A 5-Foot Tall Halloween Skeleton Model

toddler and Skeleton

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

An adorable Utah based toddler has found his best friend is a 5-foot tall Halloween skeleton model! Theo absolutely loves his skeleton friend and has named him Benny. Whether he is at the park or running errands with mom Abigail, Theo and Benny always seem to be together!

27 years old mom Abigail Brady told Today in an interview how 2020 has been a crazy year. She understands how many people are facing hardships right now, and hopes the story of Theo and Halloween skeleton best friend will bring some joy to the readers. “Even if it makes someone’s day for a couple of minutes, that makes me so happy.” Abigail has plenty of images on her Instagram account of the two best friends, just hanging out and chilling!


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Benny and Theo’s Excellent Adventure at the grocery store #bennytheskeleton #toddler

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A Halloween skeleton in the basement

Back on 15th September, Abigail noticed her basement had flooded. She was about to go out to play when she heard Theo calling for help. As she ran down, she saw him dragging the Halloween skeleton up the stairs. She was rather amused and thought of preparing for Halloween a bit early. But Theo suddenly wanted the skeleton to accompany him in the car so that they could play together. When Theo refused all negotiations, Abigail just decided to carry the 5-foot tall Halloween skeleton in her car!

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Theo has fun putting food in Benny’s mouth. He finds it very funny how the food just drops down through Benny’s ribs! This Utah duo has a budding friendship. Theo insists on having the Halloween skeleton in his room while he sleeps. He even exchanges high fives and pokes Benny.

Theo slowly realized he can’t bring his skeleton buddy everywhere, but still tries to make the most of the time they spend together.

Here are some moments from their lives.


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My son is obsessed with this skeleton.

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