This Tiny Chimp And Mastiff Become Best Friends

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Have you ever thought of a chimp hugging a massive dog? That’s an uncanny thing to imagine. How could two distinct species of animals ever be together in one room, let alone hug each other? But that’s where you are wrong. Limbani and Bruno have pushed the limit of human imagination and do something that is unimaginable. The tiny chimp and the mastiff have become the best of friends. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

An Unlikely Friendship

It’s true – Limbani and Bruno spend about two hours every day with each other when the little chimp is not being taken care of by the zookeepers. Those are some of the most valuable moments of their time. They play with each other and cuddle and deepen the bond of friendship that they already have. It has been a long time since they had first met and became the best of friends at present.

It all began a long time back when Bruno was just nine weeks old. The mastiff was already large, but it was not much of a problem for a small chimp at all. It was destined to happen. The tiny Limbani gathered a lot of courage that day and went up to him. He came close and hugged Bruno. And that was all it took for them to become the strongest of friends. They have remained inseparable till now.

The Mischievous Limbani and the Forgiving Bruno

Of course, you can’t take away the monkey genes out of Limbani. He’s the naughtiest of the lot. He’s the prankster of the two and would often irritate the other animals in the care. But for Bruno, Limbani and his pranks have no effect at all. He has the power to remain loyal to his best friend through thick and thin, no worries. Despite all the monkey tricks that Limbani could conjure up from his mischievous mind, Bruno sticks with him and doesn’t mind enduring all that his strange friend does. Doesn’t it remind you of your love for your friends? For Bruno, it is those priceless hugs that they share which keep him so close to Limbani. At the end of all his antics, Limbani plays with his friend, and Bruno adores all the love and cuddles that he pours on him. Who wouldn’t love being hugged and cuddled once a day?

The power called Friendship

Limbani and Bruno have featured the kind of friendship that really cannot be thought of by any human being. They clearly show that there are no bounds in friendship. All it takes is for someone to reach out, a kind word. For those who have a different language, like Limbani and Bruno, all it took was courage and a hug. So how can someone as different as a dog and a chimp be friends? The answer is the power of love. And the power of friendship.

There’s no limit to the kinds of friendship that can happen in the world. So, extend your hand and see who reaches for it. Who can tell what next odd adventure you shall be featured in?

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