This Single Dad Adopted A 13-Year-Old Boy Who Was Abandoned At A Hospital

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Do you ever feel connected with a complete stranger? Does it feel like you’ve known each other for ages when in reality you’ve just met?  Something similar happened with Peter Mutabazi. Tony Mutabazi was abandoned by his adoptive parents at the hospital. The 11-year-old was left at the hospital and no one came to take him home. Naturally, he entered the dreaded foster system where there is no surety if one will at all find a forever home. However, things went well for Tony as he met Peter from Carolina two years later. Peter fostered Tony first and felt connected to him even though they were extremely different individuals. 

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Tony was first adopted when he was four and was in the foster system since he was only a two-year-old boy. According to Jessica, Tony was abandoned for the second time when he was almost a teen. Peter had been a foster father for 3 years already when he got a call to look after Tony in 2018. Once he got to know Tony’s tragic story, he was in tears. He couldn’t believe how difficult it was for a child to be abandoned twice. He also knew that once his term was over, the abandoned kid would have no forever home. He made a decision to take Tony in and they’ve been together ever since.

Peter himself had a difficult childhood as he lived with abusive parents. He ran away from Uganda when he was just 10 and found a parent figure who became his guide. He went to school and knew first hand what poverty is.

Later he became a citizen of the US and started working with World Vision United States, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children in remote areas. He has fostered several kids and made sure their needs were looked after. His own traumatic childhood and the kindness he received molded his decision to adopt Tony.

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Tony was adopted officially in the Charlotte courthouse, surrounded by the warmth of Peter’s friends and family. The father-son duo loves reading books, riding bikes, and playing board games.

Peter was aware of Tony’s mental health issues and took it upon himself to take care of him. He is open to welcome a new foster kid into the family in the future. Unconditional love still exists, doesn’t it?

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