This Stray Dog Goes To A Sandwich Shop Every Day To Get A Free Meal

stray pup

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Most of us love sandwiches. If we get the time and have the money, we might enter a Subway and customize our own sandwiches. And someone of us might even waste a bit of it if we don’t like it or if we are full. However, we forget that there are many stray pups who are craving for such food. They may not even get something so luxurious and tasty.

stray pup

But then, sometimes, there are people or stores which are kind enough to feed stray pups too. Such a stray pup waits outside a New Mexico Subway restaurant, waiting eagerly for a sandwich. This stray pup knows about the kindness of human beings. He has often witnessed it before. A kind Subway worker often opens the gloves, pats him and gives him a meal – no charge. The stray pup has been visiting the specific Subway stall every day for a year and has earned the title ‘Subway Sally’.

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A Subway worker, Kxnuko, who is also a TikTok user, recorded the sweet stray pup and the entire routine that Sally goes through. It’s a short clip but it has gone viral on the app with around three million views.

Sally is well kept in the entire neighborhood. Of course, she’s on time when she’s hungry and she does expect a meal. But sometimes, the Subway staff is too busy to get her a meal. Sally understands. She doesn’t scowl or feel bad. She just goes away and tries her luck in other restaurants. Her next stop – Taco Bell.

Many commentators noticed the clean coat of Subway Sally. According to them, Sally was too clean to be called a stray. In all probability, she had a home but sneaked out to get some sandwich. However, the TikTok user has denied such claims. The community takes care of the stray pup and a woman running a flower shop nearby gives Sally cute pup baths.

stray pup

But the life of Sally on the streets of New Mexico is a tough one. Kxnuko has once seen that she had four litters. She needs nutrition and good care.

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However, despite many rescue attempts, Sally keeps coming back to the restaurant. She doesn’t really want to go. She might have a place to sleep where she keeps her puppies and cares for them.

Kxnuko claims that the community has accepted Sally as part of their community. While there are other stray dogs around as well, Sally has earned a special part. She will always be cared for here.

Credit: Twitter/wydsimp

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