This Small Town Boutique Owner Survived The Pandemic By Live Streaming Fashion Shows On Facebook

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By Anthony McLennan / Truth Theory

Virginia Sharp, owner of Daemarii’s clothing boutique in Macon, Georgia, is providing small business owners with hope in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

While some of the bigger companies and franchises have managed to secure Covid-19 relief funds in order to pay staff, its been the smaller businesses which have generally suffered most during lockdowns, not only in the United States but across the world. Many have had to close down.

But as Ms Sharp has shown, it’s possible to survive and even thrive with the right idea and a positive attitude.

The way she went about it was to take her business to social media. But she didn’t just try to sell her clothing products, she streamed live fashion shows, featuring herself, modelling some of her ranges.

To increase interest, Virginia has been holding theme parties – such as a ‘Yacht Party’, a ‘White Party’, ‘a Girl’s Camping Trip’ and a ‘Coffee Shop Party’ – featuring three colors, black, cream, and sugar.

Its proven a success and she’s since been boxing orders to send to locations across the United States, even as far as Alaska.

Even with lockdowns being lifted, Ms Sharp says she will continue to host her Friday night online fashion shows.

Owning a boutique the culmination of a 30-year dream

Ms Sharp’s drive and ambition to keep Daemarii’s boutique alive is certainly inspirational.

It’s also not surprising, because for her, owing a clothing boutique was the culmination of a lifelong ambition.

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She’s owned the shop for six years now, but before that, she worked for 30-years as a nurse. She had always having loved fashion and once having dreamed of being a model, but her mom had encouraged her rather to pursue nursing.

“I fell in love with nursing after being pushed into it, but I never stopped wishing to one day own my own business, I believed I could so I did!” Ms Sharp said.

Even while working in the medical industry, she admits to always having had an eye on her ultimate love.

“Although I was in the medical field,” she explained, “I chose a position which still allowed me to be a fashionista. Because I was a nurse liaison who could dress and visit the hospitals and evaluate patients for acute and subacute rehab. That’s how I built my customer base because everyone knew me by the way I dressed.”


IMAGE FEATURED: Virginia Sharp

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