This Prisoner Got Stuck In His Own Wall Hole While Trying To Escape From Prison

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Four prisoners of the Ceres Prison, near the Brazilian capital of Brasilia, tried to escape their punishment. Their escape from the prison was planned around making a hole in the wall of a call and dug their way out. But unfortunately, they did not have luck on their side.

The four prisoners used a metal pipe as their tool. But they did not realize that the hole they had made was too small for them. While the first person managed to wriggle through, the second person got stuck midway, blocking the path for the other two as well. Seeing no other way out, this stuck prisoner had to shout for help and the officers were more than eager to come and help him out. Only to take them all back inside! This prisoner injured himself first, trying to make this way out. When all else failed, he had to cry for help.

Escape from Prison: A Scene to Remember

The police officers took their time! They called the fire department and while waiting, took plenty of photographs of a failed escapee stuck in a prison wall! As the photographs show, the officers were rather amused by the whole attempt while also being embarrassed about it.

The fire department resorted to a functional drill and hammer to set the prisoner free, from the wall.

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While our poor fellow failed to escape, the first felon managed to escape from the prison. He went over a 5-meter perimeter wall and also crossed an electric fence. All this happened while the officers were busy preparing for the official inauguration of the brand new prison!

Welp that sucks

Our stuck-in-wall chap who failed to escape from the prison had made a similar attempt last year as well. Unfortunately for him, he was caught on the same day! Maybe the third time will be his charm?

Image credit: Jornal Populacional

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