This Pooper Scooper Robot Automatically Finds And Picks Up Your Dog’s Poo


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Having a pet dog is a wonderful experience. These fur babies are loyal, friendly, and love us unconditionally. But there are some challenges in living with a dog and one of them is cleaning their poop. Maintaining hygienic surroundings is important for both the dog and the owners. Beetl the poop detector is thus a blessing for every dog owner.

Whether it is your house, backyard or garden, dog poop can be anywhere. And no matter how much you love your pet, cleaning poop can be annoying. Many dog owners wish there was something that could save them this single task. Beetl Robotics understood this pain of dog owners and invented Beetl the poop detector.

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The machine has front cameras and a computer vision which helps in finding the dog poop. It locates the poop and moves over it, using a claw that mechanically scoops up the poop. The collected shit is then stored in a sealed container. This container holds it till the final disposal.

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Wait! There is more to the robot. It is able to avoid the obstacles that are within the perimeter you have set. This is due to special sensors used in the Beetl robot. All you need to do is set the perimeter inside which the robot will work. Beetl the poop detector will patrol the set area and sniff out your dog’s poop.

It is based on the cloud network technology so you can update the machine. It is also capable of learning new ways, thanks to artificial intelligence technology. Though all this sounds very enticing, you can’t get your hands on it very soon.

Unfortunately, Beetl the poop detector is still the testing stage. So your hands will have to do the work for now. But hopefully, it will soon be ready to be sold in the market.

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This isn’t the first time that such a technology has been invented though. Earlier, a Dutch company had employed drones to clean about 220 million pounds of dog shit. It was used on the streets of the Netherlands.

But if Beetl the poop detector is successfully launched, it will revolutionize the poop cleaning task! Till then, we can just wait and keep cleaning our dog’s poop with our hands.

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