This Mother Received An Honorary Law Degree For Reading Lecture Notes To Her Blind Daughter For 4 Years

blind daughter and mother

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

When a visually impaired daughter went to attend the University of Sakarya in Turkey, her mother accompanied her. Berry Merve Kul, the blind daughter received her law degree while her mother, Havva, received an honorary degree, for completing the course with her. 

The images and videos of the event went viral on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Professor Mahmut Bilen presented the degrees to the duo and also shared a video of the ceremony. The ceremony was held at the Sabahattin Zaim Conference Hall of the Sakarya University Law School in 2018.

The mother had been dedicatedly reading all the study notes to her blind daughter for four years, and the University wanted to recognize this hard work. Since the images went viral, comments from across the globe have flooded in. Everyone is full of praises for this mother and many have even crowned her as the “mother of the century”!

Netizens in awe of the blind daughter and her mother

One Reddit user shared their own experience of how difficult it is to go through law books and how they “almost passed out”. This made her appreciate and applaud Havva’s efforts all the more.

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Many Twitter users agreed that an honorary degree for such tremendous efforts is not enough. They wanted the University to award the mother of the blind daughter a diploma.

The love and dedication of this mother brought ample appreciation from netizens. While some were praising her, others ran out of words for such a wonderful mother.

Even Berry Merve’s peers who passed with her were extremely happy for the mother-daughter duo. After all, how many of us had our parents helping out past middle school!


While the praises were aplenty for the dedicated mother, people were also critical of the University of Sakarya. They pointed out how educational institutes should take care and offer proper support to their visually impaired and disadvantaged students. In an ideal world then, such an arrangement as the one this mother-daughter duo had would not have been required in the first place.

One concerned netizen explained how such institutes can offer their support in the form of more reading materials available in Braille. Audio resources should also be made more readily available, they explained.

Image: Sakarya University

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