This Man Turned Bears Into Honey Tasters After They Kept Taking Honey From Bee Hives


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

We know about bears and their love for honey. Just Google Winnie the Pooh and you can see how obsessed this cartoon bear is for honey. However, fiction is often carved out of real facts. Bears are known to be connoisseurs of honey. And their obsession is often a cause of concern for bee farmers. Bears are apex predators so bee farmers can’t just shoo them off from their grounds. And when a bear breaches a bee farm, you can be sure that they will wreak havoc, causing damages worth thousands. 

Ibrahim Sedef lives in Turkey. Ibrahim Sedef is an agricultural engineer and he started a bee farm of his own. And like every other beekeeper, he struggled to keep pesky bears from harming his beehives. He put metal cages around beehives and placed treats like fruits and bears all around to lure bears away from beehives. But all his efforts went to vain. 

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As a scientist, he tried to observe the behavior of a bear and find out more about them. For this purpose, he installed photo trap cameras around his farm. But something else came to Ibrahim Sedef’s mind. Why not use bears as honey tasters?

It seemed like an unusual idea at first, but it was worth trying. And so, Sedef set up a table and placed four different kinds of honey on it. This table was for the bear or rather the honey taster. Well, it turns out the Sedef’s guess was right. Bears are actually amazing honey tasters and they have a premium tongue. He observed that bears were attracted to the Anzer honey and tasted it without touching the cheaper cherry blossom honey. Two pounds of Anzer honey costs over  $300. Well, the video that Sedef recorded went viral – it was such a strange new fact.


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Maybe after Sedef, we can appoint bears as official honey tasters!

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