This Man Became A Internet Sensation For Floating His Sick Dog To Sleep

beloved dog

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

This is not the latest piece of news but one that will surely warm your heart. A few years back, the internet was in awe of a man floating in the water, holding his beloved dog close to him. The calm and serenity the picture possessed were one of compassion and pure love. Love beyond species!

The man who had long graying hair was in the water with his German Shepherd mixed dog. The dog was seen calmly resting his head on his hooman’s chest. We now bring you the full story of how this one image created ripples back then.

beloved dog


When Schoep was just a puppy, John Unger had adopted him. The duo had a happy life together and when the dog was around 19 years old, he had developed problems related to hip dysplasia and arthritis. Such troubles are quite common among dogs but his Unger wanted to help his furry friend in any way he could. He figured the best was to help Schoep’s bones and joints would be to take the pressure off them. So what does he decide to do? Spending hours together floating in the water just so his dog gets some rest and peace.

man floats inner

During one such water therapy session with his dog, one of Unger’s friend captured their moment together. And before long, the whole world knew of this unique human-dog bond and everyone was all praises for Unger. And rightly so! In a world where no man bothers about another man, it is rare to find people who go beyond their limits to care for animals.

Many netizens wanted to donate money to help Unger afford better treatment for his beloved dog. With the money he received from kind strangers, Schoep’s life was extended for another year with better pain medication and treatments. But the dog soon passed away.

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The beloved dog may not be here anymore but he will be forever in the heart of his loving hooman. And their photo will live on in the world of the internet as a reminder of how kind humans can be.

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