This Lamp Makes Thunderstorms In Your House And It Is Freaking Awesome!

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Doesn’t matter if you are living in Brooklyn, Long Island, or all the way east in Manila, Philippines- thunderstorms and rains always help us sleep as they calm us down. But most importantly they don’t let us go to work. And that’s surely fun. Nudge, winky face!

Well, to economise this feeling of sleeplessness and then lethargy at the onset of monsoons, Richard Clarkson Studio has created a cloud lamp that turns into a thunderstorm right in your bedroom. According to the studio, the cloud is an interactive setup with a lamp and a speaker system. It mimics the sound and appearance of a thunderstorm.

The cloud uses motion sensors to understand the user’s location which helps it to bring about the thunderstorm, along with lightning.

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The system also can be connected to any music device using Bluetooth. The cloud can change and adapt to what the user wants. There are two modes too- nightlife, and music reactive. It is controlled by a wireless remote, and the cost might set you back $3300.

Doesn’t this sound fun? Do you wish to try this?

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