This Woman Discovered A Way To Turn Cactus Juice Into Biodegradable “Plastic”


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Quite possibly one of the most bizarre, yet welcome news, that a Mexican researcher by the name of Sandra Pascoe Ortiz has turned something that the people eat into biodegradable plastic. The Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Valley of Atemajac, she has successfully used the prickly pear cactus- a casual food of the population, into something beneficial for the society.

The samples she has with her are greenish, paperish, yet quite tough. And can actually be used as paper.

As with all environmentalists, Ortiz hopes that her innovation would help prevent the overflow of solid waste in Mexico as well as the rest of the world, for this is biodegradable.

The process is simple-

  1. Cut the cactus leaf.
  2. Peel it.
  3. Press out its juice
  4. Refrigerate it in a beaker
  5. Add a formula that is non-toxic
  6. Laminate, and let it dry.

And, it actually works.


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