This Is How You Can Turn Your Trampoline Into A Incredible Garden Swing Bed

Trampoline Swing

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Keeping mini trampolines at home became a recreational trend in the ’60s. Though unlike their commercial counterparts, these trampolines were smaller and less sturdy, yet they could be easily sighted in the backyard of many families. However, with the onset of the ’80s, this craze started to wane and the trampolines got stacked up in basements, garages, and attics. Out of sight and out of mind, most of them would be all covered up in dust by now.

But hey! It’s time to get your trampolines out and bouncing. Yes! with the new DIY trend on Pinterest, the mini-rebounders are fast returning.

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People are turning their mini trampolines into delightful cozy hammock-like beds or chair swings or even luxurious comfortable lounge swings.

So, let’s get started and dust off your stacked-up trampoline, or if you don’t have one up in your attic, find someone who wants to get rid of it. With 7 easy steps, you can now revamp the space-occupying trampettes into useful and adorable backyard swings.

1. Get rid of the legs

Get hold of a trampoline and unscrew its legs. It’s quite easy actually.

2. Give some padding to the frame- 

You can cut open one side of a pool noodle and pop on the metal frame. Otherwise, wrap up the frame ring of the trampoline with some foam padding.

3. Use fabric to conceal the padding- 

Spray some glue on the noodles and wrap them with a durable fabric. You can always go for a hemp fabric. They are quite good for this purpose.

4. Do some roping-

Get hold of some strong ropes and tie them around the metal frame. If you find it necessary, you can run the rope beneath the trampoline also. It will increase the tensile strength of the rebounding fabric.

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5. Strap up the thing

Fasten a few long ropes or hemp fabric along the frame into a loop. It will be best if you replace all the legs with ropes leaving just one, which will make the entrance to climb inside.

6. The swing is ready to be hanged

If you want it in your backyard, choose a strong and sturdy tree or beam. You can also get your hands on the Backyard Discovery 1802513 Wooden Sturdy Pergola, 10′ x 14′, Cedar Stained, or a hammock frame for hanging the swing.

7. Add some colors to it-

Take some cushions or memory foam. Layer them with a blanket or sheepskin. Tuck in a few colorful soft pillows. And your very own comfy cozy swinging couch is ready!

See…. it’s so very easy! The best part is, after all these if you do get tired, don’t waste a minute. Just cuddle inside the trampoline!

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