This Is How You Can Stop Your Glasses From Fogging Up When Wearing A Face Mask

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

The smarter of the lot, at least the ones who wish to keep their health, are wearing face masks whenever they are outside. Not only does it keep you safe from the germs others might spread but it also protects others from your accidental spreading. While wearing a face mask is extremely important for public health, it’s not easy for the masses to shift to this uncomfortable piece of garment. Apart from the sweaty faces and breathing trouble, people wearing glasses have the trouble of fogged-up glasses. But the next time you wear your face mask, your glasses won’t get foggy! How, you ask?

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Before we dive into the solutions for your foggy lenses, let’s learn why they get so foggy in the first place. As you have the cover of the mask over your mouth, your warm breath becomes needs to escape. This then goes up towards your eyes, where the hem of the mask is. This warm air meets the relatively cooler surface of your lenses and condensation takes place. Hence, the fog. This is mostly experienced when we walk from the hot outdoors into a cool room in the middle of the day. But people with glasses are rather used to it so that occasional thing is not that bothersome. But do we do when we have to get used to a lifestyle where stepping out, and even at times staying indoors, implies covering our mouth with a face mask?

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Glasses Over The Mask

The simplest hack of them all, just position your glasses such that it sits on top of the upper hem of your face mask. The weight of the specs will prevent the warm breath from reaching the glasses.

Nose Bridge Face Masks

Wearing a loose mask that does not snugly fit your face is not of much use for anyone’s health. Secondly, the loose fit means more air escapes from your mouth to directly hit your glasses. your glasses won’t get foggy if you can wear the masks with a nose bridge on them. They are usually sewn into the mask and are flexible for a good fit. This bridge not only helps keep your glasses fog-free but also makes the mask more comfortable for you.

If you already have a mask but no bridges on it, you can DIY always! Use pipe cleaners or twist ties or just tape that mask down!

Your Glasses Won’t Get Foggy If You Use Soap And Water

For the ones using glasses with no extra coating, you can just wash your pair in soap water and air-dry them. A thin layer of soap will remain on your lenses which will stop them from fogging. But do not use any soaps made with lotion.

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Tissue For Your Mask?

A small tissue can be folded and taped under the face mask, just at the bridge of your nose. It will absorb all escaping moisture.

Commercial Products

If you are not big on DIY, you can always opt for commercial products to save your eyesight! There are anti-fogging wipes and sprays that you can use on your specs!

Which option are you going to try first? If you take the help of any of these options, your glasses won’t get foggy anymore, even after the pandemic is over. And hopefully, that day is very near!

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