This Is How Common Post-Pandemic Activities Rank From High To Low Risk

activities post-pandemic

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Summer activities post-pandemic requires utmost care from our side. In many of the countries, quarantine is slowly lifting. Governments are starting to turn on the economic cogs slowly and steadily, and that is only possible by reopening the countries. While most of the countries are going through a phase-wise opening of the nation, the coronavirus has not evaporated from our world. It is still there.

As places are slowly opening up, the chances of the virus spreading are only going to rise. We still require to stick to social distancing norms. Since many public-spaces are going to open up, you might be wondering whether every place is safe to visit or not. Well, much of it depends on your actions. However, there are certain areas that are very high-risk places, while others might have medium risks. As per epidemiologist Dr. Emily Landon, we should try to go for outdoor spaces more than indoors. A list of places has been given different levels of risk. Here are 7 locations where you can enjoy your summer activities post-pandemic if you are careful:

High-risk places


Nightclubs are extremely risky places after the lockdown gets over. Firstly, it is indoors. You end up coming in close proximity to people. There is a lot of sweating, and alcohol can put your guard down, so you won’t be too careful in a nightclub. The result: there will be more virus shedding and spreading in such a situation.

If you want a case in point, you can look at South Korea. South Korea has handled the pandemic well, but there was a recent outbreak and it is being linked to nightclubs. So, it is clear that nightclubs can result in another outbreak if we are not careful. Nightclubs should be avoided at all costs. If you want to dance, you can invite your friends and have a house dance party. Even better – go outdoors and dance while keeping a six-feet distance between each other.

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Religious services

Most religious services occur indoors and people from all walks of life enter religious places. It is a closed area and so, the infection rates can rise. Plus, people do not maintain the social distancing norms in religious places due to the lack of space or even the philosophy to be united.

An Epidemiologist, Kimberly Powers, has pointed out how there were outbreaks due to church service. 35 people out of 92 had contracted coronavirus when they were attending a rural Arkansas church. Singing in the choir requires close proximity and is highly risky. However, if you keep yourself socially distant, and if the authorities maintain social distancing norms, then the risk reduces.

Medium to high-risk places

Weddings with more than 10 people

Outdoor celebrations are great, and you might want to go for it for your summer activities post-pandemic. While experts are saying outdoors are good, it should not be a time to gather for a celebration. It is more possible to engage with social distancing norms when you are outdoors.

However, if there is a large congregation, then it becomes increasingly difficult to stay within the 6-feet distance from one another. So, if you are in for a wedding and there are many guests, then the infection rate shoots up. The best thing to do in this case is to postpone any congregation, including weddings and funerals. If you have to make a wedding happen, then try to keep it local. Bringing people from outside the community can result in an increase in virus transmission.


This lockdown has definitely made your hair grow long. You desperately need a haircut. However, it is better to wait for a few months more or start looking for an alternative. Haircut means close proximity to other people and the barber as well as breathing in the same air for a long period of time. Air is one of the chief transmission modes for this virus. An asymptomatic person can easily spread the virus without even knowing that they are the cause.

However, haircuts are necessary, and right now, most people are desperate to get one. So, for this reason, it’s best that you choose a salon where there are strict policies. The employees should be wearing masks and using proper sanitation measures. You should also wear a mask and try to visit salons in areas where the virus has not spread.

Low-Risk areas

The Beach

Surprised? Well, since the beach is outdoors and water can dilute the virus, it is a place where the virus transmission can be low. However, it is not a place where you can just run around willy nilly. You have to be careful if you are on the beach too. Since it’s the outdoors and the chances of a huge congregation are unlikely to take place on a beach, you can keep the 6-feet social distancing from other people. That way, you can protect yourself from getting the virus. So, the beaches are great for summer activities post-pandemic.

Going to a vacation house with a known family

You are probably eager to finally get out of your house and go for a vacation. Yes, you deserve it after all this while. However, you need to be careful during this phase. The good thing about going to a vacation house with a known family is that you can already gauge the risk factors. If you and the other family had been quarantining throughout this period, then the chances that you have the virus are pretty low. You are most likely not asymptomatic either. So, you can go to the vacation house stay. But be sure to do proper background checks and know that the family has not shown any signs of illnesses.

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Varying risks

Malls and restaurants

Malls can a high-risk area. Malls can be crowded and much of the spread depends on how long you are staying inside the mall. So, if the place is really crowded and you are staying there for a long time, then the chance of getting infected starts to rise. Try not to mingle in a space for too long. It is preferable to go to outdoor malls rather than indoor malls. Try to avoid the food court at all costs. Restaurants and food courts can get crowded, and the close proximity can result in the transmission of the virus. Also, you will stay in a restaurant for a long time, and that will increase your chances of getting infected.

Summer activities post-pandemic is going to be hard. Stay safe, and while you can enjoy the summer activities post-pandemic, don’t lose control. Remember, we have a long way to go till we can gain immunity from this virus or get closer to a vaccine.

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