This Hero Dog Rescued A Tiny Kitten From A Burning House


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

When nothing goes the way we want it to, we look for hope in the strangest of places. We want to hold on to something positive amidst the tonnes of terrible things that are happening across the world every single day. However sad it sounds, human beings are not that great when it comes to selfless acts. Unconditional love is something that only animals can teach you. This adorable story of a dog will brighten up your day for sure. So, instead of hunting for inspirational quotes on the internet, read real-life incidents that will restore your faith in life.

The city of Donetsk is located in Ukraine. A massive fire broke out from an explosion in a defense industry company in the city. The explosion was felt five kilometers away from the main spot and people were panic-stricken. A thick smoke cloud formed reducing visibility and the fire spread quite rapidly.

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The residents of the adjacent buildings had to vacant the place. They grabbed whatever they could from their valued possessions to their pets and evacuated the place. In the midst of this chaos, one dog stood out. The dog did not follow others and instead of running away from the house, he went inside. The owner of the dog did not know what to do and stood there feeling completely helpless. He could not rush in to save the dog as the fire turned more and more out of control. The owner had already imagined the worst-case scenario when the dog emerged with a tiny kitten in his mouth. The kitten also belonged to the house but it skipped the owner’s mind to rescue it.

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The tiny kitten was the dog’s best friend and they enjoyed each other’s company. When the house caught fire, the dog did not care for his own life but went to save his best friend. The kitten was too small to find its way out of the burning house and his friend saved him just in time. The story touched the hearts of the locals and went viral on the internet. The dog was upheld as the epitome of heroism.

Animals are the only ones capable of love and affection without any real motive. We human beings cannot act as swiftly as animals and this story proves exactly that.

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