This Guy Is Making Affordable 3D Prosthetics For People After He Learned Robotics On YouTube

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Easton LaChappelle grew up being fascinated by how things work, especially robotics. This 25-year-old started learning about prosthetics engineering. He relied on YouTube to learn more about experiments and wanted to learn all there was to know about the fundamental working of electronics, software interfaces, and even sensors. That is how his journey of making affordable 3D prosthetics started.

This talented guy created a device that got him recognition from then-President Barack Obama at the White House Science Fair. In his early science fair endeavors, Easton came across a girl who had an “archaic” looking prosthetic arm. Easton was shocked to learn that the arm cost nearly $80,000 and was not even quite modern. So, he wanted to work towards a solution. He wanted to create affordable 3D prosthetics with technology that would help others lead more comfortable lives.

Easton with 3D prosthetics

3D Prosthetics and Statistics

More than 40 million people around the globe are amputees. Yet, only 5% of them can afford prosthetic devices. This shocking reality had an impact on the young man, and he wanted to reach out. Easton developed his working prototype and went on to establish Unlimited Tomorrow. This company makes affordable 3D printed prosthetic limbs. Easton’s efforts were appreciated. And, the company raised $1.568 million in less than a month!

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This amount helped him launch the first product that would provide millions of affordable 3D prosthetics to needy people worldwide. The product is named TrueLimb. It is an affordable 3D prosthetic limb. TrueLimb uses a remote-fitting process that helps the company personalize the device to the skin tone, size, and shape of the wearer. This guarantees the perfect fit, and hopefully, the wearers will feel more comfortable too.

Easton was happy to acknowledge the major role YouTube played in his journey. This free platform helped him gain massive knowledge about something he was interested in. YouTube also helped him start a business that is all set to positively impact millions of lives.

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