This Guy From Brooklyn Saw A Girl Dancing On A Roof And Sent Her His Number With His Drone

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Whoever said romance is dead hasn’t obviously lived life enough. For even when the whole world is gripped in paranoia and fear, with the global pandemic sneaking in and stealing our loved ones, we haven’t forgotten how to love, and live. This is the story of a Brooklyn guy who asked a girl on a neighboring terrace out via his drone and even had a government-prescribed first date! Social distancing didn’t stop him from looking out for love – so it shouldn’t stop you either.

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When asked, Jeremy Cohen cheekily mentioned that he had been single for quite some time now, and social distancing was taking a toll on his companionship needs. So, he threw shyness out of the window and sent a drone with his number attached on it to the girl he had just seen dancing on a terrace. Maybe it is the distance that calmed his jitters down, but whatever be it- our bro got a date!

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Jeremy, who is a professional photographer and always on the move, finds quarantine extremely difficult. He mentioned how there was so much to do in New York that he never got the time to stay cooped up in his room. And now that he was, he didn’t really like it. But as luck would have it, he chanced upon a girl dancing in the neighboring terrace to what seemed like a Tiktok song. This intrigued Jeremy, who decided to wave at her. And well, she waved back! The first sign of a romance? 

Taking that opportunity by the throat, Jeremy decided to stick his number to the drone, with a message to text him. And, looks like it worked! For the Brooklyn guy certainly got a text from her within the hour. And love blossomed through the quarantined air.

Many of you must be wondering – how could they go on a date? Well my dear friends, where there is a will, there is always a way. Jeremy decided to take her on a surprise date and used his date’s friend to set everything up. And when the time came, the date was perfect- two people sitting in different terraces, eating their meal while being connected via the internet. Isn’t this simply the best use of technology you could find?

Looks like this strapping lad has hit gold! For developing such an innovative way of taking someone out to a date must have hit Tori pretty hard as she is excited about their second date now. And seeing as the quarantine doesn’t seem to be letting go, they might as well be in a long-distance relationship.

Jeremy’s friends were quite elated at the prospective couple. Amidst the doom and gloom of death and disease, this is a breath of fresh air. Not just that- for when Jeremy’s story went viral, people started lauding and thanking him for the ingenious way of going out on a date with someone. Most praised his perspective about life- living life to the fullest despite paranoia setting in.

Jeremy, on his part, credits his mother as the support and inspiration behind it all. A stage 4 cancer survivor, his mom Eva Grayzel has certainly seen her share of ups and downs, and despite that has a very positive outlook about life, which she has transferred over to her son.

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And we are left wondering- if a Brooklyn guy can date a neighboring girl from his room while maintaining quarantine, can’t we at least stop pretending that we are living in a prison and look at life in a more positive way?

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