This Garden Dome Sold By Amazon Is Perfect For Glamping In Your Back Yard

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

For the rich folks, glamping is a mood. It is basically ‘glamorous camping’, which involves staying up at night watching the stars twinkle behind Mount Rushmore or East Hampton. You get it, right? The rich places, the poshest of all properties, where one can simply update their Instagram profile.

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But in case you want to have the same experience in your backyard, Amazon has brought out a new product called the
Geodesic Garden Dome. This igloo is made of PVC which is 100% recyclable, and totally non-corrosive. Since it also uses PA6 materials, you will get a crystal view of the stars above.

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The dome has a base area of 107 feet, with a height of up to 7 ft- enough for almost all humans to stand. The height also helps with the airflow, which helps maintain an equal temperature throughout. It is snow and wind resistant- enabling you to camp as long as you want.

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A reviewer mentioned that they had bought this product after their stay at the
Hotel Watergate, following which they took it to their backyard in DC. After that, they took it to Williamsburg because they totally loved it. Although the first time took quite some time to set up, around 120 minutes, the second attempt barely took half an hour.

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Ironically, this is supposed to be a greenhouse! But don’t expect people to get all clammed up in case you decide to utilize it to party, or simply as a ‘glamping’ space. All it needs is $1199.

You can read more about it here.

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