This Futuristic Solar-Powered Electric Vehicle Will Never Need To Be Charged

Aptera Car

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

If you are about to ride a thousand miles due west and have no idea if there are gas stations around, Aptera Motors is your friend. This California-based start-up has created a buzz in the market with its new and innovative solar energy car.

The company itself has had a torrid past. Created in 2006 under the banner Accelerated Composites, this startup was liquidated in 2011 and then bought by Zhenjiang Jonway Group in 2012. The latter is a Chinese car manufacturing company that converted the start-up into two branches- Aptera USA that would help in building gasoline cars in the States, and Zaptera USA, focused primarily on building electric vehicles.

But it was last year when the fortunes finally turned for the company. The new leaders Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony decided to launch a campaign for crowdfunding which turned out to be successful. This gave their company some much-needed boost to produce automobiles, especially solar energy cars.

The reason behind Aptera’s desire to manufacture EVs is simple- solar energy is inexhaustible and doesn’t cost anything. Also, with the ongoing climate problem, it is the need of the hour to move towards safer alternatives. Finally, the solar energy car can be a reality since the technology aimed at solar cells has improved a lot. This will ensure that the managers would be able to coax Aptera to move towards 0 emissions.

The Aptera solar energy car is built of lightweight panels and has a composite body. Also, the roof is covered with solar panels, so there is no need to stop and recharge. The intriguing design of the vehicle – which is a teardrop- also has a braking system that is efficient and regenerative.

Aptera main


The advantages of the solar panels are manifold. Firstly, the energy stored is basically free power. And that amount of power can result in your solar energy car traveling at least 11,000 miles per year. This is already on top of the 1000 miles battery pack that you get with the car. This battery pack can be recharged at any point – all it needs is a plug. But the most interesting thing about this solar energy car is that if the energy remains unused, you can simply use it to power your house!

Anthony remarks that the panels covering the roof are upgradable, and rightly so for it would help in prolonging the longevity of the car. The 4 panels that cover it can be changed and replaced at any point in time, thereby making maintenance a piece of cake. He finally states that the solar energy car, if cared for properly, it would last more than 50 years.

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Aptera’s solar energy car reaches the top speed of 110 mph and goes 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds. This is strictly in the Long-range and Standard versions. The Performance version will take about 3 seconds. This car will also have an auto-pilot feature and will contain a storage space of 25 cubic feet. Brilliant, isn’t it?

It is estimated that the Aptera solar energy car will have a price tag of $36,000- $59,000. Also, 2022 would see around 10,000 such vehicles in the market, ready for pre-order.

Update: 30-12-2021
It has come to our attention that the Aptera became available for pre-orders on the 4th of December 2020, Pricing started at $25,900 and went up to $46,900. The pre-orders however sold out in just 24 hours.

For more information, please visit the Aptera Motors Website.

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