This Floating Drone Could Prevent Dozens Of Potential Drownings

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By Amanda Froelich

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: after turning their attention away from the swimming pool for one moment, their child suddenly disappears. Gripped by terror, the adult’s first reaction may be to dive into the pool to rescue their kid. While this course of action often works, it’s not foolproof. It’s for this reason that a new drone invention, which was developed by a concerned dad, should be met with applause.

Lee Kambar of Phoenix, Arizona, wants to help save children all over the world from a simple danger: drowning. To accomplish this, he designed a drone that could act as an extra set of eyes to prevent potential drowning.

The Morningstar SOS has two built-in, 360-degree cameras that constantly survey the activity on top and underneath a pool’s surface. If the device senses that someone is submerged underwater, it sends a picture and a notification to the homeowner. The homeowner then has the immediate option to pass on the information to local rescue workers.

“It’s a hyper-drone. It sits in the middle of your pool and floats around. It has dual cameras top and bottom cameras that rotate 360 degrees. It’s a two-piece device app software and hardware. It has motion detection and facial recognition,” said Kambar. 

Every second counts when a person is drowning, which is why the Morningstar SOS drone is being hailed as a potential lifesaver. Said Captain Jack Van Hook of the Phoenix Fire Department: “We’ve been saying for years as a fire department that every second counts in these situations.”

Visit the Morningstar SOS website for additional information. According to sources, a helpful drone will be available for sale by the end of 2018. “I would like Morningstar to be a humanitarian thing. Our kids are the most valuable thing to us as parents and for such a tragedy to occur it’s unnecessary,” said Kambar. 

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Source: Morningstar

Image credit: Morningstar SOS™

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