This Finnish Company Made Waterproof Shoes From Recycled Coffee Grounds


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

#RENS is a brand that has the desire to bring about a positive change in the things we use. It also does not subtract the coolness factor in our style. This brings us to their latest brand of sneakers that are made from recycled coffee grounds. This Finnish brand should be given credit for creating shoes which have features that everyone would appreciate.

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Every #RENS pair is made of coffee yarn and polyester that is recycled (post-consumer plastic). Almost 21 cups of grounded coffee and 6 plastic bottles are used to make one pair, according to the manufacturers.

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One would wonder about the sustainability of the shoes, but there’s nothing to worry about. The knit upper removable insole and the inside lining are all made from reusable coffee yarns. They are quite easily available for reuse and #RENS happily complies.

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The CEO of #RENS, Jesse Tran was not one to mince words when she blamed the MNCs of bringing forth so many products made out of unsustainable ingredients and how it leads to more and more pollution and waste.

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Coffee makes for a wonderful resource to build sneakers because of numerous benefits. It contains pockets of air that enable the shoe to let in air. The anti-bacterial factor also enhances the odor-resistant nature of the shoe. Couple that with moisture-wicking and quick-drying, and you get a waterproof, sustainable, and eco-friendly shoe.

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It is extremely light, weighing about a pound. The shoe won’t get discolored due to the UV-resistant outer skin. The shoe is of a slip-on variety, so it can be easily put on or taken off, wherever and whenever required. It can be worn without socks and has no animal products in it whatsoever. Perfect for vegans!

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Son Chu, the co-founder of #RENS, mentioned that being a big fan of sneakers wasn’t enough. He and Jesse had to also understand the origin of the materials used and the impact such a shoe would have on the world. Since there were no proper environmental friendly shoes in place, they decided to bring out their own.

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They have initiated a Kickstarter campaign, that would be over by August 15.

Read more about it here.

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