This Dad Is On A Mission To Install Thousands Of Baby Changing Tables In Men’s Bathrooms


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Change never comes easy. If the masses think they need and deserve something, more often than not they have come up as one and demanded their rights. The world is rapidly changing today and so are the roles of the genders and those beyond it. Bathrooms have been involved in controversy over the last few years. Be it the non-binary people asking for neutral break rooms or the request for more disabled-friendly bathrooms, things have changed. But another thing that goes quite unnoticed by most is the missing baby changing table in men’s bathrooms.


Babies are always associated with the mother and only mothers are expected to take care of their babies. But what happens when a single dad is out with his baby? When Donte Palmer was stuck in a similar situation, he decided to raise his voice.


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Throughout the world, usually, women’s bathrooms have changing tables. Never in the men’s rooms. So what do men do? Lay the kid on their lap while squatting down themselves. And then go through the ordeal of changing the nappy! So Donte started the campaign #Squatforchange hoping to bring some change.

Not alone, Donte received support from people around the globe. They too had to go through the struggles of having a kid on your knees and taking care of them in such a situation. As the movement gained momentum, Pampers, the napkin brand decided to install changing tables in men’s break rooms. They will be installing 5000 tables by 2021 in Canada along with the U.S.  even John Legend has been involved in the movement and #lovethechange is their weapon now.


Parents are now encouraged to post an image of them and their children with the hashtag. And for each such post, Pampers will add one more changing station.


Donte rightly feels marriage or bringing a child up is no more just the job of the missus. Fathers have equal responsibility and they should own up to it. He explains how fathers from not only the US but also from Canada, South America, and even Uganda have been supporting the campaign.

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Donte is happy that Pampers decided to join the cause and appreciate their help. Pampers is supported by Koala Care in this initiative. Together they will be providing baby changing tables in toilets in recreation centers, parks, community centers, etc.

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Donte hopes his own 3 boys learn to demand change if they feel it will help others as well. Donte wishes to keep campaigning so that one day all bathrooms across the globe have baby changing tables.

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