This Dachshund And Tortoise Duo Played Football In A Sunny Backyard


dachshund and tortoise

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

When you think of football, a tortoise is not the first animal you think of, right? Well, this dachshund and tortoise duo from Antwerp is going viral on the internet for their crazy football skills!

The tortoise was found by Rudy Janssens 30 years back in a Belgian forest. Since then, it has shared a living space with generations of family pets. Rudy had named the tortoise Jaguar because of how fast he could move. Rudy described that Jaguar’s speed increases with the temperature. 

Some years back, when Rudy’s sons were playing with a ball in their backyard, they suddenly noticed Jaguar running after their ball. Back then, the Janssens had a Bouvier des Flandres dog. The dog would carry the ball in his mouth and run while Jaguar chased him. The Flandres was a strong opponent for Jaguar, but they seemed to enjoy their little game.


Currently, the family has a dachshund, which is fairer for the tortoise. Marcel and Jaguar, the dachshund and tortoise duo, often spend long hours with the ball. Marcel the dachshund truly enjoys the game with his partner. But with winter setting in, the dachshund and tortoise duo will not have enough time in the sun now.

“Jaguar has already buried himself in the sand somewhere in our garden,” says Rudy. “In spring, he will appear again, always a happy moment: He’s back, winter is passed!”

Here’s a glimpse of the dachshund and tortoise duo playing football in a sunny backyard!

Image credit: Rudy Janssens

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