This Could Be The Future Of Dining In The Coronavirus Era

plexiglass bells

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

As reports suggest the ongoing pandemic might take a really long time to recede, many people are trying to find ways to cope with it. Hospitality and tourism sectors are the worst hit in this situation. Restaurateurs across the globe don’t have much hope, but interior designer Christophe Gernigon might give them some. Gernigon Studio has designed plexiglass bells that can be hung from the ceiling, covering each patron sharing a table in a restaurant. 

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These plexiglass bells are designed with an opening at the back but otherwise covering the person within, from head to torso. This protects everyone at the table from the micro-droplets of their neighbors while affording them each others’ company. This transparent visor is spacious enough to let one sit comfortably, and the only drawback could be that everyone will need to speak a little louder than usual. webp to jpg

Christophe Gernigon Studio’s owner Gernigon has named the project Plex’Eat. He explained that he was thinking of the many restaurateurs who have no idea when or how they can restart their business. This device would allow conviviality at the table minus all the risks. Gernigon got the inspiration for these plexiglass bells from a concept store in Asia. He had seen how a bell hung over a normal armchair, which allowed a person to peacefully listen to music on their own.

Right now, Plex’Eat is at the project level only. The Studio has been approached by an industrialist to study possible marketing of the product. As for Gernigon, he believes it is still too early to make estimates of production for the plexiglass bells.

plexiglass bells

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Moving forward, when public life restarts en masse, it would be all the more important to follow social distancing measures at all times. A solid cure is still at least a year away, and till then restaurateurs are trying their best to take necessary sanitary measures to welcome patrons again. 



All images: Christophe Gernigon Studio

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