This Could Be The First Female Formula 1 Racer In 43 Years

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Tatiana Calderón had always had a passion for racing. So much, that her Colombian family used to frequent most car races, to her immense delight. In 2019, she is the test driver for Alfa Romeo, whilst driving for BWT Arden F2 Championship. She is also slated to be the first F1 racer after Leila Lombardi in 43 years. 

Calderón believes that being an F1 driver and being an entrepreneur uses almost the same skillset. Apart from her usual hours at the gym, Calderón also visits a sports psychologist 2 to 3 times a week. Interestingly, this is the only sport where men and women can compete simultaneously, making it much more interesting and difficult. 

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Here are a few parallels between business and F1 racing. 

Self-confidence and Time

All good things take time to happen. We can’t rush into things and get disappointed when we don’t attain that. We have to build up our patience, our dedication, and our stamina to withstand the toughest oceans and finally achieve success. Calderón believes that this is what makes F1 racing and business similar. One has to restrain from overexerting themselves, and believe that they have the confidence to achieve all, with time.  

Love Drives Her

It isn’t just the thrill of winning or the fact that this is a mode of women empowerment that guides her. In fact, she believes that focusing on the results would soon make it tough for her to keep going, for losses would come her way. She drives, she competes because she likes the adrenaline that comes with it. The moment she thinks about quitting, she realizes how much she loves the game, rather than the accolades which come with it.

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Haters Will Hate 

She obviously gets pretty justifiably angry when people try to diminish or negate her achievements. And more often than not, her critics would be men with absolutely no idea as to how a female’s mind or body works. She would usually ignore their hate, and in some cases, use the hate to motivate herself. Her desire to be the best, and her love for the game trumps the critics’ hate. 


She believes in living in the moment. No one knows what may come the next minute, which makes prior preparation futile. The past will be in the past, while one has to get ready for the next lap. One has to improvise, adapt, and overcome the struggles that might come up in the next phase of their lives. Racing is a lot like life and business- you are competing against people on an unknown path. One wrong turn and you go back several steps. Calderón believes that you need to be in the moment, stop focusing on other aspects of life, and simply drive on. Be the moment. This will definitely take you to the next step of your life. 

Calderón is currently based in F2, but she will look for sponsors early next year if she doesn’t get an option to jump directly into F1. 

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