This Company Turns Your Cremated Departed Pet Into An Incredible Glass Memorial

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Most of us have seen someone close take their last breath. It doesn’t matter if it was a human or a pet – the pain remains immense. We know that it is natural, but still – we can’t really get over this pain of separation. It would have been really great if we had a bit of a memory encased in a physical material – something that would always keep our best friends and closest people close to us – as delightful memories. An essence never to go away.

Davenport Memorial Glass has come up with this idea. They create stunning physical reminders by combining glass with a small amount of ash from your loved ones. You can easily create a glass pet paw that you can carry around with you all the time. According to their website, they want to create a physical memory so that people can treasure the wonderful moments to spend with their favorite people or pets. For pets, generally, creating a memory is difficult. There are very few ‘funeral’ services present for them, and while there are pet cemeteries – they are rare. They don’t get statues and gravestones like humans.

That’s why this company comes with a difference.

The founder of this business Cameron Davenport attended some classes lead by Phil Siegel and learned how to blow glass back in 2003.
He decided to focus on the art of it more than the function of blowing glass.

When he lost his friend, he was devastated. He just got a spoonful of ash as a reminder. So, he was struck with the idea to make a marble out of his friend’s ash. The idea flourished and soon, people were asking to make a memorial glass for their departed ones. The idea just got bigger from then on.

Generally, ash puts stress on the glass and so, it is not easy to work with. How he does it is Cameron’s secret? He hopes to reveal it someday in a class. However, that’s not the only painstaking process that he undertakes. Cameron creates connections with his clients and asks them about the departed one – he involves himself with the grieving process to get a clear picture. It’s difficult for him too and maybe that’s why he is able to create a perfect artifact – a connection remade with the lost.

In the end, all he wants is to make people smile in their sadness and he succeeds. And that’s what matters.

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Image credits: Davenport Memorial Glass


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