This Compact Camper Expands To 300 Square Feet In A Few Seconds

BeauEr 3X

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

What can be more exciting than a home that is everything that you wished for? Well, a home that comes with you everywhere you go! And the BeauEr 3X fulfills just that purpose.

And that’s not all. The camper, which has been designed in France might look like a 43 sq ft trailer initially. But it takes only a minute for it to expand into a 129 sq ft of residential space. The structure slides on telescopic modules, making the transition sleek.

The base price for the BeauEr 3X starts at $33,250, but it can go up to $50,000. The camper includes beds, curtains, ACs, Showers, solar panels and the like. One prototype of this design has already been made in 2011 and is at display in the Hymer Museum in Germany. This museum has motorhomes, camper vans, and caravans.

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Now the prototype is a working and selling model that can be purchased in most countries in Europe, Canada, China, and Korea. It will soon be available in the USA and Australia.

BeauEr 3X has been inspired by caravans of the old. The caravans of the retro age like Georges et Jacques, Escargot, and Bourreau Sologne were the principal inspirations behind the design. The round shape was characteristic of the Mini Cooper and other such vehicles in the Cold War era.

The designers of BeauEr 3X took the design of the older days and turned it into something more contemporary.

The BeauEr boasts of being constructed by lightweight yet durable materials like aluminum, polyester, and polystyrene. But considering luxury was the main focus along with aesthetics, the interior was made of high-pressure laminates.

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If you are not comfortable with the space and want a bigger one, you can go for the 3XPLUS caravan. It extends up to 300 sq ft of pure luxury, with a couple of bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living space. This comes for around $80,000 if you want everything the company has to offer.

But for those with a cash crunch, you can go for the 2X model which extends at 90 sq ft and starts at $25,466.

If you haven’t yet been dazzled, look out for the 2020 model that the makers of BeauEr 3X would come out with, the Van-X. It would be almost as big as a Peugeot Traveler with a module that slides out to form space for sleeping.



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