This Clever Crow Shares His Food With A Mouse In “Act Of Kindness”

This Clever Crow Goes Out Of His Way To Share Food With A Hungry Mouse

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Crows are very intelligent creatures to say the least. Along with certain bear species, they are the only true omnivores along with man to share the planet. As a result, they have colonized every country almost and every geographic zone ever.

They are adaptive as well, having mastered the art of living in hostile urban environments too.
There have been numerous experiments done on crows to determine their intelligence and agency.
In one particularly significant experiment, scientists in masks bothered crows while men without masks helped them or fed them. This was done to see if crows could distinguish between friend and enemy even if the difference was subtle.
And sure they could.

Crows are also one of the few animals who know the use of tools. This is one of the biggest tests of intelligence and is even done for fossilised human beings, i.e. if they are found with what look like tools in their graves.
And the fact that human beings knew about crows being intelligent enough to use tools is evident from the fact that Aesop wrote the fable of the crow fetching water out of the pitcher using pebbles.

Don’t let the phrase “bird-brained” fool you: the crow’s brain is oversized for a bird. If an equivalent had to be found in the animal kingdom, it would be the chimpanzee.
Crows exhibit loyalty and monogamy too in the wild. Crows have been known to stay with their companions till one of them dies.
In the past, crows have been taught to speak, especially ravens, and they were successful at that too.

Like chimpanzees, crows too have been found to be great at finding patterns in their surroundings; this is evident from the fact that in laboratory settings, they are brilliant with puzzles.

The video we bring to you today might just put the missing puzzle piece in this intelligent animal’s reputation.
This video just proves that crows can exhibit sympathy if not empathy and help not just individuals like them, but other animals too.
It has been shared widely and has been doing the rounds of social media for a while now. It shows a parking lot like any other, where a solitary crow is shown eating what appears to be a largish piece of bread.
As it is eating, a mouse is shown to hesitate about taking a go at the bread.
And it decides against it, scurrying back to the nearest wall.
The crow however in a non-threatening gesture chooses to bite off a piece of bread and hop to the mouse. Not fly, but hop, because it obviously had no intention of hunting it.
It drops the piece of bread near the mouse and hops back.
This is especially interesting because crows and mice do not share a good relationship: crows hunt small mice and larger mice eat crow eggs if they can get hold of them. All this ingrained in the crow’s brain too.
But it chooses to fight against its better judgment and share precious food with a mouse.
Watch the video and share.

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