This Busker Brings Everyone To Tears Every Time He Plays The Piano

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Can music move you to tears? Well, of course, it can. It is probable that many of you can recall a time when you were listening to music and had tears streaming down your eyes. Even if not tears, maybe music had been your companion once upon a time when you were down and needed the power of the tune to raise you back up. Music is the universal language and it has the power to change you. Perhaps, it is the purest form of art.

However, like any art form, music has to be listened to in a certain way to get the whole sensory experience of it.

Pianist Colin Huggins is just the person who knows the power of music. He works as a busker and he knows the way in which music can be used to draw tears out of the audience. The  40-year-old can be spotted lugging around his grand piano in the Washington Square Park at weekends. He has been doing so for 10 years. But in 2017 – he discovered a way to truly ‘move’ people. His method – letting a person lie down under the grand instrument and listen to it – with both the sounds and vibrations. Now, your ears don’t receive the sound alone, you have complete vibrating sensation working for you. It’s much more intimate. Colin mentions that using this technique, 6 out of ten people broke down. It was so powerful – almost like talking to a therapist.

Higgins had taught himself to play the piano and has been doing so since his teenage years. He first started working for Joffrey Ballet before going to full-time busking. Now, it has become his sole source of getting an income. He performs on the weekends when the weather is clear.

How did he come up with this technique?

Well, he first saw it in the movies. In the film, Impromptu, about Frédéric Chopin, his love interest would like to appreciate his music in this fashion. Even his teacher had done the same while tuning the piano. Hence, he thought he would try to share this experience with his audience.

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His first listener came to that park regularly. He would lay supine and request for his favourite piece, Clair de Lune. When Colin played it, the person got up – moved and in tears. That’s when Colin discovered the power of music and started taking this role.

Celebrities have not been completely aloof from this experience too. When Alec Baldwin had his hip surgery, he was in the park too. The famous actor and SNL regular was invited to get under the piano. When he stood up after the performance, he was teary-eyed too.

Sensations have a strange way to impact a human being. Colin and his piano have magic. The magic of music. 

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Colin Huggins

Via: NY Post 

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