This Bronx Teen Teaches Math To Out-Of-School Students On Tik Tok


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

A 16-year-old Bronx teen has taken the world of TikTok by storm, not for the reasons you might assume. While all of us are trying to get by, Alexis Loveraz is surfing by, and helping people along the way. Simply put, he’s making the new generation proud by turning himself into the “TikTok Tutor”.

Loveraz is from Harlem Prep High School and aces his math exams with an average of 4.0. He recently joined TikTok to tutor other students on chemistry, geometry, algebra, and even the SATs. With his hard work, he earned a following of 660,000 and counting. 

Bronx Teen Uses TikTok To Tutor Fellow Students

TikTok tutor

The Bronx teen is winning hearts everywhere for teaching the tough subjects with ease. Many of his followers claim that his teaching style is even better than their school teachers! 

The COVID-19 pandemic has tarnished our normal way of living. All the sectors have been affected, including the education sector. At a time like this, the TikTok tutor has become a sigh of relief to all the struggling students. 

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In an interview with CBS2, Loveraz said that helping other students was his way of giving back, and he was shocked to go viral at this rate. He further added that his content is being watched not just by citizens of the U.S, but also Australia, Canada, Singapore, and the Philippines. 

TikTok Tutor Goes International!

His popularity is also being recognized by Google Classrooms, as Loveraz’s tutorials now feature on the online teaching platform. 


Doing SAT Math Problems, will be doing basic to complex problems! Stay tuned for more! #sat #college #1600 #democracyprep #algebra1 #fyp

♬ original sound – Alexis Loveraz

Since Alexis Loveraz’s fame as the TikTok tutor has gone global, his mother, Likmilian Hiciano could not hide her excitement. In the interview, she said that she was super proud of Alexis for using TikTok to educate others. 

While the news is a positive one, it sadly is an outcome of an unfortunate situation. The global pandemic has seemingly stopped the world short. Students around the globe have missed out on months of their education. This is most definitely going to have an adverse impact on the young generation. 

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Education Week reports, the academic fallout from this pandemic will harshly affect the performance of already vulnerable and weak students. Moreover, the political and economic downfall will further weaken the system. 

Joshua Goodman from Brandeis University raises concerns over how the loss of jobs of parents will also create further complications for children worldwide. 

But enough about the world and the many problems we have. This Bronx teen with his abilities to become the TikTok tutor, and make even math fun, is news that everyone should be talking about. 


Doing SAT Math Problems, will be doing basic to complex problems! Stay tuned for more! #sat #college #1600 #democracyprep #algebra #fyp #satmath #ap

♬ original sound – Alexis Loveraz

TikTok has faced some harsh criticism in recent years by governments internationally for being a platform that could be misused. Loveraz is surely a redeeming factor and much more than that. 

The TikTok tutor is a hero with brains who can’t be stopped even by a global pandemic. 

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