This Blast Furnace Heats Trash To 4,000 Degrees Then Harvests The Gas To Make Plastics And Fuel

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By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

There is a new startup in place which promises to vaporize entire heaps of waste into pure energy. This energy comes without any extra baggage or residue. It is the brainchild of Sierra Energy that claims to reduce waste emissions, especially non-recyclable waste. This includes hazardous wastes as well as non-hazardous wastes like tires. 

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The company is said to use a new-improved furnace that treats this waste at 4000° Fahrenheit. This temperature is almost twice the heat of a volcano’s heart. This is the recently designed FastOx gasification technology which makes it all the more easy for them to go through with this. 

The method is not that complicated. It might seem like a lot of energy is required for this, the machine simply requires oxygen and nothing else. The oxygen will react with the carbon in the garbage that is rotting. This leads to the formation of carbon monoxide. This steam is to be sent back inside the furnace so that the temperature of 4000° Fahrenheit is maintained. 

The fuel that’s generated is apparently 20x cleaner than the regulatory Californian fuel standards. The gases that are emitted out are used as substitutes for fossil fuels. These can then be used for powering airplanes, and in the agricultural field as fertilizers. 

Previously, Sierra Energy had announced that they recently got through with a Series A investment of $33 million. This would help them immensely in developing their technologies so that it could be used further in landfills and other municipalities. The main reward is the same- renewable energy.   

Mike Hart, the CEO of this startup, believes that the world is slowly filled with trash. And this trash when landfilled leads to the emission of methane, which is 86x more harmful than carbon monoxide. 

He boasted of his company’s FastOx technology which will swiftly, and at an exceptionally low price, convert all this energy into renewable energy. Not just that, it could be used as fuel, hydrogen, and a lot of other useful catalysts. Furthermore, when this technology is used with various other strategies to reduce waste and convert it into safe, renewable energy.

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The first-ever FastOx was installed at an Army base in Fort Hunter Liggett in California. This was under the program to complete the Army’s zero waste goal in 2017.

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