This Artist Makes Wonderful Patterns Using Everyday Organic Objects 

By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Kristen Meyer, a designer and prop stylist based in Connecticut has found her unique art form. She makes wonderful geometric flat lay art by just using organic material she finds. By just using common things like egg shells, petals, pebbles, etc., she has been able to create stunning patterns. Kristen puts the objects is such a meticulous fashion that they look perfect and whole.

But just placing objects is not art – you have to judge your surroundings properly and utilize the available materials in a specific manner to actually develop something into art. Kristen is able to do just that. She generally matches her work with light backgrounds which are pastel-colored and uses negative spaces so wonderfully that it brings out the art and the messages quite clearly. It’s almost like her art is going through a process of deconstruction. She describes it as “nature meets scissors”. Sometimes she uses the object as it is and sometimes she shapes it to make it perfect – just like her vision.

In one of her pieces, she has lines of different lengths made out of dry spaghetti sticks which are placed in a way that forms a circle. It actually resembles a gold coin. In another one, she has used autumn leaves to show that there is beauty in imperfections. That’s probably the motto of this artist. Whatever people throw away – maybe into a compost pile or in the garbage are collected by her. Even if she goes out for a short walk, she would collect two to three leaves.

Her work is showcased in her  Instagram handle as well as her website. They are just so wonderful. Here are a few of her works:

Credit: Kristen Meyer: Website | Instagram

That’s just art – finding beauty where no one else sees it. Meyer shows that you can make art out of anything. You just need to have the vision to do so.

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