This Amphibious Camper Allows You To Camp On Land And On Water


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Campers have always been available in various shapes and sizes throughout the years. But, get ready to welcome a camper that can be also used on water. The camper, called Sealander, is an amphibian camper, meaning it can be used on both the water and land fronts.

Sealander camper boat 1 Sealander camper boat 2

The creation behind it is pretty interesting- designed by German engineer Daniel Straub, this is primarily for those people who want to have a quiet little picnic on a lake, but also savor being on land. It contains a removable sunroof for sunbathing, stereo, benches, sink- the perfect home. It isn’t suited to be a permanent residence, of course, but it would still work as a great entertainment unit. 

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Sealander camper boat 3 Sealander camper boat 4

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The camper is both a yacht and a caravan at the same time, being completely space-efficient. It is also a scientific marvel and has all the designs for sophistication and luxury. A perfect place to get away from daily life. You can also read about it here.

Sealander camper boat 5

Sealander camper boat 6


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