This Adorable Dog Nanny Gets Up At Night To Put Crying Toddler Back To Sleep

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By Mandy Froelich / Truth Theory

Meet Prince, a lovable dog who has changed the lives of the Lebwohl family. Two years ago, Sara and Zach welcomed their first child, Halle, into the world. Even before she arrived, Prince proved himself to be a dedicated caretaker.

While Sara was pregnant, Prince seemed to understand that the family was about to grow. According to The Dodo, he rarely left the mom-to-be’s side.

When Halle did arrive, Prince immediately adored her.

“When she first came home, he went right up to her and sniffed her,” said Sara. “He knew she was little and fragile. But he always stayed close and kept a very close eye on her. He was truly a nanny dog from the first day.”

In the time that has passed, Prince has only grown more fond of the toddler. Now, the two are inseparable.

Prince has even been upgraded to “nanny” status, similar to Nana from Peter Pan. Though the 2-year-old sleeps in her own room, she still needs some comfort and reassurance at night. When Prince hears her fussing, he runs from Sara and Zach’s room to assist with the midnight wake-up calls.

After noticing that Prince would comfort Sara every time she woke up, the mom and dad decided to see if the dog’s presence was enough to comfort the toddler. One night, they set up a video camera and left their bedroom door cracked.

Watch the sweet video below:

“Surprisingly it has worked out well,” Sara said. “We crack the door open for him when she gets up, and he walks in to greet her. He has a little routine he does, including rolling around on the ground. Then he will look at her and lay down. The amazing thing is that this calms her, and she goes back to sleep.”

“Prince has been an unexpected savior, allowing us a bit more precious minutes to hours of sleep. When he walks in the room, we know she is in good paws and we can all get some more rest,” Sara added.

The family also appreciates Prince for simply being a dog. But, there is no denying that his love for Halle has made everyone’s lives easier.

“He takes his job as protective big brother very seriously,” Sara said. “Our family feels so fortunate to have a dog that is so loving and good-hearted. We are also thankful that Halle adores Prince.”

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via The Dodo

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