This 98-Year-Old Mother Moved Into A Care Home To Look After Her 80-Year-Old Son


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

Ada Keating is one gem of a human being. Our mothers never stop loving us but this woman has gone one step further. Being 98 years old herself, she decided to shift to her son’s care home so that they could spend their days together. Her motherly instinct makes her want to take care of the son even when he is 80 years old himself and the internet is all praises for this woman!

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Moss View care home in Liverpool, U.K. hosts these two elderly people. Tom Keating the son had moved in the home in 2016 since he needed some extra support and care. And the mother decided to follow her eldest son. Together they have been enjoying their time at Moss View and they love to play games or watch Emmeralde when they are free.

This mother-son duo is from Wavertree, Liverpool. Tom never married and they have been with each other always. There is no shortage of motherly love in Ada’s part as they have developed their own routine in the care home. She wishes him goodnight and good morning every day and every night. Tom accepts that even now his mother reminds him to behave properly at times! Moms never change, do they?

Tom is the eldest and the only son of Ada and Harry Keating. Tom used to do paintings and decorations before retiring and Ada was an auxiliary nurse.

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While many who seek refuge in care homes are neglected by their families, the Keating duo is still cared for. Other members of the Keating family visit Ada and Tom regularly. At times, even 5 generations of the family can be seen in one room! The family is happy with the arrangement at the care home and love to see the duo happy together.

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The care home manager, Phillip Daniels is also thrilled to host the Keatings. He acknowledges the love this mother-son duo shares and is in awe of the whole situation. It is truly rare to find the mother and the son in the same care home and he looks forward to making their lives as comfortable as possible.

Here is a video of Ada and Tom talking about their daily routine!


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