This 89-Year-Old Lady Knitted Over 450 Dog Coats And Blankets For Shelter Dogs


By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory

There are a number of people on this planet who really love animals and engage actively in caring for them. One animal group which gets a lot of the attention are dogs. And why shouldn’t they? They are our lovable 4-legged friends who do nothing but love us.

Maisie Green, an adorable 89-year old woman who knits for dogs. She has so far knitted about 450 sweaters and blankets for pups which she donates to the Dogs Trust Basildon Shelter.  

Maisie says that she loves dogs and she loves knitting, so she just combined both of the activities. She takes about 3 days to fully knit the blankets, while it just takes her a day to make a coat for the doggies. Her family helps her take all the knitted designs to the dog shelter thrice a year where she unloads each giant batch.

Maisie says that knitting keeps her busy and she does it while she watches television. She also adds that she is delighted that she is able to be a helping hand for our 4-legged friends.

Dogs Trust is the United Kingdom’s biggest dog welfare initiative and has 20 Rehoming Centers all across Ireland and the UK. The shelters look after more than 16,000 unwanted, abandoned, and stray dogs every year. Inspires you to do more, doesn’t it?

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